The Dangerous New World of Cyber Liability in the Home

I run a cybersecurity company that has been training Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts for many years.  SOC analysts are in high demand in the cybersecurity business because they often serve as the “human intelligence” foundation for companies to protect themselves against cyber attack.  In fact, many of the world’s largest corporations use SOC analysts, along with the latest cyber defense technologies, to prevent hackers from penetrating their valuable corporate networks.

But things have changed in the last few years:  larger businesses have the budgets to spend on sophisticated cyber technology and human intelligence, which means their defenses are harder to penetrate, so cyber criminals have moved to easier targets:  consumers and small businesses, many of which work from home on insecure wireless networks connected to foreign made IoT devices.  And why are they going after these consumers and small businesses?  Because every computer represents money to the cyber criminal, regardless of size.

Computers, or “endpoints”, are where 70% of ransom attacks occur today and where the majority of financial liability lives for consumers and small businesses.  It’s easy to see why:  these endpoints are where valuable cloud passwords exist including bank account information, sensitive personal or business information that can be used for ransom or extortion.  These endpoints also represent a gateway to other devices on your home or corporate network.

Here’s an increasingly common example:  your teenage son clicks on a malicious link to a dangerous website, upon arrival malware and ransomware are installed on his computer, once on his computer, it travels to the other devices on the home network like Dad’s computer.  Now an innocent (or maybe not-so-innocent) exploration of the web has turned into a major financial liability for the family, and if ransomed, it’s likely you’ll have to pay it, or you’ll have to hire lawyers.  Or best case your personal and professional information is leaked across the internet and your employer could be brought into this liability as well.

In short, this means that consumers and small businesses carry massive financial liability they are likely not aware of, and traditional antivirus doesn’t fix this this, nor is this covered by Identity Theft protection.  Bloomberg recently noted:  “While the enterprise endpoint cybersecurity market is blossoming, the consumer alternatives seem stuck in the past, still marketing the same frightening digital hazards and swearing that their software will envelope your computer in a cocoon of safety.”

And this is exactly why we built eSure.AI.  Our vision is to bring big business cybersecurity protection to the consumer and small business markets in a flexible and affordable way.  And we’ve done that by building the first product to utilize Enteprise AI Deep Learning Endpoint Security technology, 24/7 live Security Operations, and integrated cyber liability insurance in a monthly subscription model.  With eSure.AI your cyber liability is dramatically reduced with our baked-in liability protection and technology pre-approved by the major insurers.  We believe in our service so much that if you are hacked while our customer we will reimburse your ransom, pay your legal fees, and even come to your house to fix and restore your computers.

We are the only security company in the world to watch out over your family and home computers with round-the-clock Security Operations Center personnel, it’s like having your very own cyber security team protecting your assets, much like home alarms protect against physical intrusion.

It’s a dangerous digital world we live in today.  Sleep better with eSure.AI.

Chase Norlin, Founder, eSure.AI




Chase Norlin is the CEO Transmosis, a nationally recognized cybersecurity workforce developer that enables American workers to develop new careers in the rapidly growing information security industry. Transmosis is the creator of eSure.AI, a next-generation security platform designed to protect consumers and small business from cyber attack with integrated cyber liability coverage.


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