What executive security measures have you taken?

Smart business strategy starts with smart cybersecurity. Protect your assets today and into the future.


What's keeping you awake at night?

In today's digital economy, a single cyberattack can destroy customer loyalty, product innovation and revenue – overnight. How many CEOs do you see every day dealing with data breaches, ransomware, and other industry-hindering attacks?

What are your shareholders going to think?

Imagine reporting a data breach to your shareholders and disclosing that your technology was noncompliant, incurring countless penalties and legal liability, and your insurance claim isn't getting paid out. Can your reputation withstand these harsh realities?

Are you truly ready for today's threats?

Even if you think you've got the right security in place, it's worth taking another look. In fact, your organization could already be infiltrated as you read this – that's how smart cyber criminals are. Is your existing security keeping up with their sophisticated threats?

Regain time, money, and peace of mind

Here's how eSure.AI gives high net worth organizations a massive competitive advantage, helping CEOs sleep at night.

#1 Ranked XDR and EDR Solution

Top-rated enterprise security that stops 99.999% of all hacking attempts.

Minimum $1,000,000 Financial Safety Net

Fully integrated protection for ransomware, income loss, legal liability and more.

24/7 Active Security Operations Team

Providing 24/7/365 executive protection coverage and response.

One Fixed Cost. No Hidden Fees or Contracts

A robust all-inclusive package delivered in a flexible subscription perfect for scalability.

A robust all-inclusive package delivered in a flexible subscription perfect for scalability.

Unlike others in the industry who only react, our methods provide a proactive security service and cutting-edge smart technology to deliver tailored, integrated security solutions.

eSure.AI Carbon Black Crowdstrike Sentinelone Sophos
Multilayered XDR endpoint protection
$1,000,000 integrated cyber liability protection
24/7 Real-Time Security Operations Center
Custom Installation & Deployment
Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV)
File integrity monitoring for fixed environments
Live threat intelligence feeds
User account monitoring and anomaly detection
Network detection rules for lateral movement and data exfiltration
SaaS Cloud Application Security
Insider threat protection
Deception/Honeypotting (decoy nodes, files, credentials networks)
Remediation for network, file, endpoint, and user-based attacks
Response orchestration across infrastructure components
Automated response playbooks
Patch Management Assistance

“An impressive solution set that includes AV, ED, UEBA, incident response, and network analysis.”

"#1 EDR solution"

Forward-thinking to protect your bottomline

We continuously invest in leading technology to meet the growing demand for integrated security solutions. eSure.AI delivers technology-enabled security revenues to provide the efficiencies, data collection and analytics you need to scale, in one powerful service.