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Best Practices for Digital Security at Home or in Your Small Businesses

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the home and small business user because they are generally less sophisticated and leave gaping holes in their digital security.  There are several simple and free steps you can take to make sure you’re as protected as you can be Your Router Your router is the gateway to all of your [...]
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Antivirus Systems Fail to Stop 74% of Malware Attacks

According to a 2021 threat report by Watchguard Technologies for the first quarter of 2001, 74% of malware attacks were zero-day attacks.  Antivirus systems work on something called Signature Based Files.  Meaning that standard antivirus solutions are becoming ever-less potent in protecting your home or small business. We built our whole business around solving this [...]
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What’s Your Personal Information Worth?

There is a thriving marketplace on the dark web where criminals buy and sell personal information.  As you can see below, the earning potential for hackers is unlimited.  That’s why experts predict that the global losses to malware will exceed $300 Billion in 2030.  Much of that will come from home and small business users [...]
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The Dangerous New World of Cyber Liability in the Home

I run a cybersecurity company that has been training Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts for many years.  SOC analysts are in high demand in the cybersecurity business because they often serve as the “human intelligence” foundation for companies to protect themselves against cyber attack.  In fact, many of the world’s largest corporations use SOC analysts, […]
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