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eSure.AI is wholly owned subsidiary of Transmosis, Inc.  Transmosis was founded in 2015 and quickly became a leader in training cybersecurity analysts across the United States. Over the next 6 years the company partnered with State/Federal governments and leading technology companies (including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco) to train underserved populations and place top graduates in the rapidly growing information security field.

As the Founder of Transmosis, Chase Norlin saw that cybersecurity technology for business and government was becoming ever-more sophisticated while the antivirus model for home and small business users was increasingly antiquated.  He also observed that ID Theft products didn’t provide coverage against actual cyber financial liabilities like ransom attacks.  He sought out a way to bring these cutting edge technologies reserved for large organizations to everyday users around the world.

Chase then brought together the leading technologies and professionals in cybersecurity, including Robert Maynard the creator of LifeLock, to launch eSure.AI, a revolution in security technology and liability protection for home and small business users.

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