Cynet Partners With eSure.AI To Give Micro Businesses Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protection Combined With $1 Million of Cybersecurity Liability Protection

Micro businesses can now access advanced security capabilities like automated XDR, next-gen antivirus and 24/7 Security Operations — backed by $1 Million of liability protection

Boston, MA, October 10, 2023 – Cynet, the world’s first provider of an autonomous, all-in-one cybersecurity platform, today announced a partnership with the cybersecurity-as-a-service platform and cyber insurance provider eSure.AI.  The partnership will enable eSure.AI to launch the first Extended Detection and Response (XDR) cybersecurity service package that includes $1 million of liability protection with 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) support for micro businesses around the world. eSure.AI’s unique offering expands access to Cynet’s all-in-one XDR solution, the most sophisticated endpoint security technology on the market today.

Defined as organizations with fewer than fifty employees, micro businesses are the most frequently attacked and least protected targets of cybercrime. As threat actor activity continues to increase exponentially in volume and sophistication, micro businesses are finding it more difficult to protect themselves  from cyber attacks. Without the budget and resources of enterprise organizations, smaller businesses are left vulnerable and unprepared when a cybersecurity incident happens.

Micro businesses also face elevated financial risks: Increasingly stringent coverage requirements make it difficult for SMBs to qualify for classic cybersecurity insurance.

“Bad actors have progressively preyed on micro businesses with ransom and extortion demands, deploying highly sophisticated and ever-evolving attack methods that traditional antivirus solutions simply can’t keep up with,” said Chase Norlin, Founder, eSure.AI. “eSure.AI’s technology, SOC and $1,000,000 service guarantee protect micro businesses with the most comprehensive computer security solution on the planet.”

Seventy percent of ransomware attacks target “endpoints” — desktops, laptops, mobile devices and servers — to steal online passwords, bank accounts, access to corporate networks and other valuable data. Until now, endpoint protection for micro businesses relied on antiquated antivirus software. XDR technology, which protects against a much wider variety of threats, was more likely to be implemented by enterprise organizations that had more resources, bigger budgets, and highly trained IT and security teams. eSure.AI sought to bring a comparable solution to the micro business market, bringing the full benefits of XDR to smaller organizations that lack the resources and funds of a larger organization.

At the heart of eSure.AI’s offering for micro businesses is Cynet’s all-in-one automated XDR solution. Cynet makes cybersecurity easy by consolidating key capabilities on a single, user-friendly platform. With Cynet, even the leanest security teams can achieve comprehensive protection and visibility across endpoints, users, networks and SaaS applications — regardless of their resources, team size or skills. Cynet’s consolidated approach reduces cost and complexity for micro businesses.

“With Cynet’s unified platform, security teams benefit from full protection right out of the box,” said Eyal Gruner, Co-founder and CEO, Cynet.  “Cynet backs its all-in-one platform with on-demand support from CyOps, Cynet’s 24/7 MDR service, so that micro businesses can scale their expertise amid an ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage.”

In addition to offering Cynet’s XDR platform and SOC support, eSure.AI is able to protect a micro business’ financial stability with a service guarantee of $1 Million. The $1 Million of cybersecurity liability protection helps micro businesses pay for onsite repairs, damaged equipment replacements, data recovery, ransom payments and other liabilities and costs resulting from a cybersecurity attack.

As a “set it and forget it” managed service, eSure.AI is fast and easy to deploy and requires no ongoing  management. eSure.AI offers these advanced capabilities through a convenient subscription model at a price point comparable to that of legacy antivirus software so that micro businesses can protect their bottom line.  eSure.AI is sold to micro businesses through channel partnershps.  To learn more about being an eSure.Ai distributor please visit


About eSure.AI 

eSure.AI is a product of Transmosis, Inc, a nationally recognized cybersecurity workforce developer that enables American workers to develop new careers in the rapidly growing information security industry.

About Cynet 

Cynet is a provider of the world’s first autonomous, all-in-one cybersecurity platform — backed 24/7 cybersecurity experts. Cynet’s mission is to make comprehensive security easy and stress-less for any organization. The platform was purpose-built to enable small security teams to achieve comprehensive and effective protection regardless of their resources, team size or skills. It does this by managing day-to-day security operations so teams can focus on managing security rather than operating it. The 24/7 cybersecurity analyst service provides organizations with monitoring, investigation, on-demand analysis, incident response and threat hunting. Visit to learn more:


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