Antivirus Systems Fail to Stop 74% of Malware Attacks

Anti-Virus FailsAccording to a 2021 threat report by Watchguard Technologies for the first quarter of 2001, 74% of malware attacks were zero-day attacks.  Antivirus systems work on something called Signature Based Files.  Meaning that standard antivirus solutions are becoming ever-less potent in protecting your home or small business.

We built our whole business around solving this problem with a comprehensive technology and financial protection package for home and small business use.  Although the tech is super advanced and has a 99.999% effective rate, stuff still happens in that .001%.

That’s why these numbers are important:

  • Average ransoms in this market have skyrocketed to $126,000 according to industry experts.
  • 67% of small businesses that suffer a data breach are out of business in 6 months.
  • It generally costs 3-4X to remediate the system outside of any ransom paid or demanded.
  • Cyber insurance is becoming unattainable or priced out of reach for most small businesses and homeowners’ insurance riders are very limited in efficacy and coverage.

Protecting the unprotected is our mission and that’s why we’ve spent seven years of our lives bringing eSure.AI to you.  I hope you love it as much as our other customers.