Technology DifferenceOnline hackers have been around as long as there has been an internet.  Widely available antivirus software solutions were designed in the 1990’s to counter these threats.  And, in the ‘90’s and ‘00’s, they were pretty good at stopping most threats.  That is no longer true.

Antivirus software is based upon checking for files stored on your computer that have been identified as malicious. These are called Signature File Attacks.  For years, this was the primary way that hackers attacked.

However, bad actors have dramatically improved and evolved their methods.  Signature file attacks are less and less the way that computers are being compromised for the past several years.  In fact, they comprised only 24% of all malware attacks in 2021.

eSure.AI is a whole new type of protection.  Its technical name is Extended Detection and Response (EDR). An “Endpoint” is defined as any system with an IP address like your laptop, phone, router or even your smart speaker like Alexa or SIRI.

Without getting too technical, XDR looks at the threats across files, email exploits, dangerous websites, networks and other vulnerabilities and applies AI and Human intelligence along with Next Generation Antivirus over a large installed base as it is happening.  Over more than 2 million hours of implemented endpoints, we have never had a breach.

When a threat is identified on an endpoint anywhere in the network, it is communicated to all of the computers in the network, along with the defense required to stop it in near real time.  There is no need to update a signature file dataset like antivirus software requires or scan your computer.

No other XDR technology is available to home users at this time at any reasonable price.  Until now, it has been the exclusive domain of business and governments because it is expensive and difficult to install and maintain.

eSure.AI takes all the complexity out of the system for you, wraps a guarantee against financial loss (find an antivirus company that does that!) adds AI and Human Intelligence inside a sophisticated 24/7 Security Operations Center staffed by specialists to watch constantly for threats and take quick action so that they don’t infect your computers and network.

All for the same or less than most antivirus systems on the market today.  Don’t forget, once you install eSure.Ai, you’ll be able to cancel your other antivirus solution(s), recovering that cost.