24/7 Coverage by AI and Security Specialists is the key.

Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology employs a “Defense in Depth” strategy. Instead of waiting for a virus to be stored on your machine and then hoping that antivirus software, even NextGen antivirus, stops the infection before it commits damage, XDR uses AI and 24/7 Network Security specialists to analyze traffic and behavior across millions of computers to stop attacks before they get to you.

AI-exampleOur AI looks at the data flow, user behavior and file systems and processes that are running on the millions of computers that are running on the system (it is important to note that we see only 1’s and 0’s; we do not see content or personal information). This analysis identifies threats from the data stream and file usage, allowing the AI to take real-time steps to stop an intrusion in its tracks.

Once the AI takes action it forwards its report to our Security Operations Center, where a Specialist reviews its findings and decides the next steps, which can range from allowing the traffic, to quarantining the machine to prevent further damage to attacking the cybercriminals with counter-offensive strategies like honey potting (that is, setting a trap for the criminal.)

happy coupleAll of this is done in the background without putting any load on your machine without annoying popups. Just use your computers without worrying about getting phished, what email to trust, or what will happen if you click a link. We’ve got you covered.