Up to $1,000,000 in Personal Cyber Insurance

Liability Protection included in every Technology Plan 

Beyond Identity Theft

Most computer security and antivirus software providers only reimburse for Identity Theft, which is not cyber insurance.  We think you deserve better.

Digital Life means New Digital Liability

Your personal computers are susceptible to a cyber attack that could be used to run up fraudulent charges, target your children and hold your personal information hostage. If you are the victim of a cyber crime you could face financial consequences like ransom demands, expenses to restore computers, and even temporary living expenses due to cyberbullying.

Up To $1,000,000 in Personal Cyber Insurance

If you are hacked with eSure.AI installed on your computer(s), we will reimburse you up to $1,000,000 for any expenses or damages incurred because of the attack, plus replace your computer if we must –– at no extra cost to you. Best of all, there’s no need for you to jump through hoops or endure mountains of paperwork to receive reimbursements. Your 24/7 Security Operations team assists you with the discovery of the threat and collection of technical information required to expediate the process.

What does our Personal Cyber Insurance cover?

Ransoms Paid

We will pay cyber extortion expenses and ransom monies that you incur.

Phishing and credit card fraud

We will pay for the costs of the charges you have incurred or funds you have transferred.

Smart devices and wearables

We will pay for the cost of restoring connected home devices if damaged in an attack.

Protect your memories

Retrieve and restore your personal digital music, digital photographs and digital video.

Data recovery

Retrieve and restore your data to your computer system.

Device repair or replacement

We will repair or replace your computer.

Get reimbursed in
3 easy steps

    • Your Security Operations Center (SOC) help manage the claims process.
    • Your SOC will assist in providing information required for your claim.
    • You receive your reimbursement payment within 15 days in most cases.

Most companies leave you to figure it out yourself… with eSure.AI, our specialists already have all of the info you need to get reimbursed quickly, taking care of all the technicalities if you’re hacked.  

No gimmicks. All peace of mind

Survive and thrive with up to $1,000,000 of confidence.